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VividaeCurly is one of our top sellers. This Curl pattern is Curly from root to tip. Vividae Curly can handle the heat. simply meaning its no problems when its time to flat ironing. these hairs press out well. please remember VividaeCurly is a Course texture and requires a lot of maintenance! Some bundles are thicker then others. Not adding products to tame your hair can cause problems if you don’t know how to manage curly hair. the shorter the hairs, the tighter the curls. Which means more maintenance. The longer the hairs the loose the curls appear and more easily manageable.100% raw hair. These bundles will never look identical and some times the bundles doesn’t always appear pretty considering it’s raw state. However I can ensure you that after a co wash and curly products your curls will pop. Also be mindful that it’s raw hair. Because hair comes from different donors some curls are loose some are tighter then others.Texture: Natural Curly hair Color: Natural Shades Of Brown. Please leave us a comment if you would like your hair on the darker or lighter shades, But Can Be Dyed Any Color You Prefer.Lengths:12"-30”Item Type: Hair Extension Price: The price is for any bundlesWeight:3.2- 3.5 Oz per bundle (about 100 grams)Material: Human Hair Human hair type: 100% raw hairShort Description:(1) 100% Raw hair (2)Can Be Flat Iron, Wash and Blow Dried, and Can be Dyed Any Color You Prefer(3)Doesn't Shed minimum shedding (4) Last 3-4 years Make sure to make your hair appointment after receiving your package.ALL SALES FINAL


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