This is our Premium 13*6 FreeDeepWave Frontal which gives you Flexibility to make Longer Parts. Our 13*6 frontals are Pre Customised, offering a Natural Hair Line. The texture of this wave is unique. This Hair Wave is Deep with slight curls at the tips. This is 100% VIRGIN HAIR.

FreeDeepWave13*6 Frontal

  • Please Note that Frontals are Sensitive and has to be handled with proper care. Be gentle when parting to avoid creating BALDING. Only A licensed Hair Stylist should be bleaching Knots of frontals. Besure that closure is not OVER PROCESSED. Knots of frontals SHOULD NOT BE BURNED ORANGE. Remember our frontals are100% Virginhair so just like applying BLEACH to a HUMAN REAL HAIR follwed by shampoo and conditioner, a CONDITIONER should be applied to not just the HAIR OF FRONTALS BUT THE LACE AS WELL. ALL FRONTALS ARE FINAL SALE.