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Hair 101

Vividae Hair Collection FAQs…


What’s the difference between Vividae Hair Collection and hair at the beauty supply?

Vividae Hair Collection specializes in High Quality human hair extensions and will NEVER be mixed, blended with anything else. The beauty supply will tell you what you want to hear to sell the product to you. Most hair inside of the beauty supply is mixed with synthetic hair, although cheaper, the hair cannot be dyed as it is made from nylon or polyester, its coated with silicone to look nice and smooth and after a shampoo or two, the hair is matted, tangled, and no good! Our collection of hair extensions is pure virgin human hair that comes from a single donor, this simply means it is completely unprocessed, apart from being cleaned and filtered of gray and damaged hair.



What is processed hair? (aka non-cuticle hair)


The cuticles have been chemically processed to remove the first few layers and fuse the remaining layers. The roots and tips can be mixed in the opposite direction. If cuticle process is done correctly, this is a permanent process and used to prevent tangles even if the roots and tips are mixed in opposite directions. Unfortunately this type hair is processed with harsh chemicals that greatly degrade the hair.


What is unprocessed hair? (aka Remy, or Virgin hair)


It defines the state of fiber and quality. The cuticle layers have not been chemically altered and care must be taken to keep roots and tips from running in opposite directions. Unprocessed hair is High quality, feels and looks natural, retains dye colors and perms better than processed hair and last longer through normal wear and tear because the cuticles act as a protective layer for the rest of the fiber.


Can I color/dye my hair extensions?


Yes, However once virgin, unprocessed hair has been colored/dyed/bleached, it is now chemically processed. It can become dry if It’s not properly cared for. We recommend using hot oil treatments every week with pure oils to keep hair silky and shiny.


How do I care for my hair?



Twist or braid the hair at night. Do not use products that contain high levels of alcohol. Do not use volumizing shampoo or conditioner, do not bunch or rub the hair together while shampooing. These are examples of reasons your hair can tangle and matt. Always use tepid water, it should not be too hot because dries and damage the hair, it should not be to cold either and Always shampoo from the base to the ends using a sliding manner.

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